Friday, January 23, 2009

Email Blogging

Finding time to blog anymore has gotten harder and harder so I set up email to blog.  Now I can type up an email and ship it off to be posted on my blog.  I'm sure others have been doing this for ages, but for me it is a new thing.  I can also blog from my blackberry.  W00t.

So while my blogs may be considerably shorter these days I hope to get back to a more frequent interval.

That being said, the new job is going great.  I'm busier than I've ever been, but it is that good kind of busy, where everything you do has a positive impact on those around you.  I've met with about 90% of the stakeholders for the application I am managing and to understate it, my head is swimming.  Lucky for me I am stepping into a job where I actually have applicable knowledge about what I'm doing, so the ramp up time is minimal.  I'm already fixing inefficiencies and planning out the next 12 months of process and application improvements.

Life is crazy good.

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nm said...

I blog from the bb all the time. I love it. It gives me major flexibility, which is good when you travel.

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