Thursday, February 05, 2009


Sometimes I think of things that I want to blog about, and in the 5 minutes between that thought and actually beginning to type I completely forget what it was.

This was one of those times.

In other news my friend Christy posted another picture of Jet.

I have made that picture the background on my computer.  In tile.  So everytime I look at my desktop his little face is there looking at me saying "Mom, leave work and come home to walk me.  Oh, and lets go to the park.  I love the park."

Last night was the end of Old Heavy.  He's a Sony TV that I ordered from Crutchfield in 2001.  He's the heaviest darn TV you've ever met.  He was actually warping the new cabinet I had him perched on.  So, we replaced him.  Slim is our new TV.

RIP Old Heavy.

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Christy said...

HI! I never talk to you anymore and it'll probably be at least another week until I can breathe again. Silly work. I'm glad you liked the Jet photo. :)

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