Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NIA & My Big Toe

NIA is awesome.

If you've ever seen me dance you'd know why I loved it so much.

A lot of the steps resemble my "Toothbrush Dance", my "Pre-Bedtime Dance", and the "YAY WE HAVE POWER Dance".

There is crazy flowy choreography, jazz hands, stomping, and then all of a sudden the teacher cries out "Free Dance" and we get to shake whatever it is we feel like shaking!  I left the class feeling like I'd had a great workout and my spirits were higher than they'd been in quite some time.

The only downside of the whole experience was the giant blister I now have on my big toe.  NIA is performed barefoot on a gym type floor and apparently my toe did not appreciate it!  Oh well, next time I'll just wrap that toe in ductape.  I can't wait for my next NIA class!

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Roberta said...

NIA sounds like crazy fun!

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