Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip Recap - Day 7 Paris

Day 7 of our trip could be summed up like this - Walking, walking and more walking.

We started the morning with coffee (straight espresso) and pastries (pain au chocolat) at a patisserie near our hotel once again. We're not really into branching out!

After breakfast we took off towards the Champ de Mars station and caught a train to Versailles and the Palace of the Sun King - Louis XIV.

We used our museum passes to get in and decided to splurge and purchase the audio tour. I can even go through an audio tour faster than Chris can. I think he listens to it twice!

The palace was amazing. Talk about flaunting your wealth and status, he had that down! Still the history lesson was fantastic. Chris made me take his picture in the Hall of Mirrors where they signed the Treaty of Versailles. This is perfect tourist photo!

After the tour of the Palace we decided to explore the gardens. Wow, oh wow.

Chris liked making fun of their sculptured shrubberies.

We stopped in for lunch at one of the many cafes that dotted the gardens and enjoyed feeding the cats that kept visiting our table. We also chatted it up with some other Americans we bonded with because they were carrying the Rick Steves book! They were quite friendly and of course Loved Seattle!

After lunch we walked and walked some more through the gardens and wound our way over to the Queen's Hamlet.

At this point in the story I'll skip over the part where we got lost and wandered and wandered around Versailles. Eventually we found our way back to the main gates and were just about ready to fall over from exhaustion.

By the time we got back to Paris we were just about asleep on our feet so we stopped in at a mini mart, purchased two beers and a bag of chips, and retired for the night.

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