Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My "Friend" Kelly

I never answer my phone if it is a number I don't recognize.   

I just saw a number pop up that I didn't recognize so I turned off the ringer and let it go to voicemail seeing if they'd leave a message or if it was perhaps a wrong number.

They left a message.

It was my "friend" Kelly. 

Kelly who you ask.  Oh, you know, the Kelly that I had spoken to last week about my concerns with my credit card company.  My "friend" Kelly to whom I had expressed my dismay with how my credit card company kept raising my rates without me knowing.  My "friend" who wanted to remind me of our "discussion" about the non-profit that can lock in my rates at 1.9%.  My "friend" who urged me to call today and sign up so that I could "get a good nights rest".

Gosh, I don't remember having a friend Kelly, or talking to her about my credit problems, in fact I don't remember having any credit problems, but she urged me to call and sign up, so I guess I will!

Really?  Do people really fall for this?

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