Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strikes My Fancy

I listen to Pandora Radio a lot at work.  I sit in cube land and it helps me tune out those around me that are on the phone constantly (did I mention that the cube land I sit in is the Inside Sales group??).  Currently the stations I have queued up are as follows:

  • R.E.M Radio (This should not surprise anyone)
  • Indigo Girls Radio (Neither should this)
  • The Postal Service Radio (For when it is drizzly gray and depressing outside)
  • Paperboys Radio (Love love love this one)
  • Bon Jovi Radio (Oh yes, Rockin' out in Bellevue)
  • Puff, The Magic Dragon Radio (RIP Mary, so glad I was able to see you in concert that one time)
  • Wicked (Original Broadway Cast) Radio (Yes, I love show tunes!)

What music gets you through the day?


JillR said...

There was a good article in the NY Times Magazine a couple Sunday's ago on Pandora and how it "picks" songs for you. I'm sure the article is up on NY Times if you are interested in reading it.

Sliptide (Sean Armstrong) said...

Fiiirst of all-- Your blog is great! It really makes me want to keep up w/my own =X

I've been listening to Pandora for years now. I love it! I even have it on my Android phone for mobile listening (works so well in the truck).

My stations include:
Pearl Jam
DJ Shadow
Thievery Corporation
Depeche Mode


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