Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Vote Early - Vote Often

Sunday evening Chris and I sat down with our ballots and the trusty internet and began our civic duty of rocking the vote.

In this off year election it was hard to get motivated.  A couple of ballot measures here, a mayor there, and an executive to boot.  Oh, and all of those so called Amendments that had lots of language for and none against.

What really struck me this year was the number of positions that were running unopposed.  I read what I could about each of them and tried to curb the urge to write-in "Daffy Duck" or the like.

In the end we made our decisions, filled in our circles, applied our stamp, and sent them off into the night.

This was all well and good until the next morning as I was driving the work and for the first time in weeks took notice of the signs that were littering my way.  And what made me take pause were the number of signs I saw for all of those candidates who were running unopposed.  Seriously?  Isn't that a total waste of money and resources?  Is it the urge to see your name all over town that is hard to resist?  And where will those signs be tomorrow?  They'd better at least recycle.

I almost wish I had written-in "Daffy Duck".  Next year I'll pay a bit more attention.

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