Monday, January 11, 2010

Give A Day, Get A Disney Day

On Saturday I was treated to a crazy surprise. 

I was signed up to volunteer with a group from Expedia, Inc. (the parent company of my company) at Northwest Harvest through the Seattle Works Program.  I've volunteered at Northwest Harvest so I was pretty sure I knew what we'd be doing.  But oh no, I was not aware of who would be there....

Mickey Mouse! 

A whole group of Disney representatives were there to kick off the Disney Give A Day, Get A Disney Day Tour!

It was great, we were given Mickey Mouse ears to wear, a What Will You Celebrate sweatshirt, a Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treat, and a coupon for one free day at any Disney park!  But the best best gift of all was Mickey Mouse and the Jaminators (drumming janitors) in attendance!

You can learn more about the Disney Give A Day, Get A Disney Day Tour here.

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Megan said...

Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun!

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