Monday, September 27, 2010


This is what we call Suckering in our house. Jet has this weird habit where he lays down with a toy or blanket and suckers it, for at least 20 minutes. Just suckers and suckers and suckers. Perhaps he was weaned too early?

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Kim Rutherford said...

Hi Courtney!
I take occasional peeks at your blog to see new pictures of the Jet Man! He is such a beautiful boy, and I can't tell you how happy I am that his owner placed him with your family. I had to laugh at the post about his "sucking" habit, as his mother does the exact same thing. It's a Boston thing, and has nothing to do with how early they are weaned, as Jet and his littermates were not fully weaned until well over 8 weeks old, and didn't leave their mother until they were over 10 weeks. It is a strange behaviour, for sure, like a child with a pacifier. His mom, Elle, had a stuffed monkey that she sucked on for years, until the other dogs took it outside one day, and played tug of war with it...anyway, Jet looks amazing. It is wonderful what love and attention can do for a dog! What a transformation over the past couple of years. :)

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