Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girls Fish Too!

A couple of weeks ago Chris, Angie, Brandon and I attended the annual Fly Fishing Film Tour. This was the 4th year of the tour. Chris's 4th time attending, my 3rd and Angie/Brandon's 2nd.

Chris and I picked up fly fishing back in 2004 (or maybe it was 2005) when we took a fly fishing class at The Avid Angler. I'm by no means an expert, but I know how to cast without wacking myself in the head or busting off my fly on the bank. And, I have been known to actually catch fish.

At the Fly Fishing Film Tour there was a drawing. Upon arrival you were given a white card to fill out with your information and then walk all the way to the front of the theater and drop it in a box. We all filled the cards out and Chris and I walked them up to the front. During the intermission they held the drawing. They drew for some fly line, a couple of bags, and then it was time for the big drawing, a fly rod. They drew out the card and the guy said "well this is a first, a woman winner" - queue the groans from the crowd - and then he said "Courtney House".

I walked up to the front while all the men in the audience (probably 90% men - 10% women) gave me dirty looks and retrieved my Sage VXP 9 ft 6 weight rod. Angie told me later that the 4 men sitting behind us said to Chris "Please tell us she knows how to fish", to which Angie turned around and said "YES! She does!" (love my sis-in-law).

Here I am getting ready to try out my new fly rod (and new wading boots - thanks Chris!). See boys, girls fish too.

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Meg said...

Good for you! I love fishing and have my own fly rod/waders/float tube! Of course, it's all back in Idaho as I married a non-fisherman, but I still love it! And miss it! I'll live vicariously through your fishing adventures!

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