Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hiking with BAKP

Last Saturday dad and I met up with Janice and Ron for a hike up Saddle Rock.  For those of you living in Wenatchee, you probably know this hike well.  I absolutely love the views that you get from the top.  The sun was shining and Wenatchee looked gorgeous.  I wish the trail head was outside my back door and I could climb up there anytime I wanted, especially with my hiking buddy BAKP!

My hiking buddy BAKP and I at the top (Thanks for the coffee Ron!):
 Looking back at Castle Rock from the trail:
 BAKP and Freddy the Fir (yes, he names trees):
 The hikers BAKP, Janice and Ron:
 Looking down river towards Rock Island:
 Looking across the river at East Wenatchee:
 Looking up river towards Rocky Reach Dam:
 Look over there, things and stuff:
 Pretty Janice:

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