Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Death of Courtney's Kindle

Tragedy struck our household this past weekend, my kindle passed away.....

One day it was happy, bright, and quick to turn the pages.  Then, all of a sudden, lines began to appear across the top of the screen, the pages ceased turning, and the screen became a mess of black & gray writing and lines...oh the lines!

Apparently this is not unheard of for older Kindles (I had a second generation) but it isn't something that Amazon can fix.  Luckily they have a program where for a reduced fee they'll sell you an upgrade (not the newest versions, but a new to me version). 

I hadn't realized just how addicted I was to my Kindle until it began it's death spiral.  I was right in the middle of a book! However, it didn't even cross my mind just to run to the store and buy a copy of the book.  And, I could just use the Kindle app on my iPad or iPhone to read.  But, oh no, I had to whine and groan and gripe about it to Chris for hours. 

Luckily for Chris my new one arrives tomorrow!

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