Monday, March 12, 2012

Loving the Fitbit

If you've had dinner with me lately, or met up for happy hour, you've already heard this, but I'm loving my Fitbit

I've now had it over two weeks and have managed to wear it every day.  I've also managed not to lose it yet, which I feel is quite the accomplishment.  Also, my addiction to "steps" has come back. 

I find myself walking around the house while brushing my teeth, picking lunch spots if they are farther away, and walking Jetty for even longer in the evenings.  Also, with the included floors climbed counter I find myself climbing the stairs at work, spliting up the recycling so I have to take multiple trips to the recycle bin in our garage (down stairs and then back up!), and finding dog walk routes that include stair climbs.  And, the included sleep monitoring has allowed me to really see the impact of even 1 hour of missed sleep!

All in all it has really motivated me and I'm loving the Fitbit! 

This past Saturday was a big activity day.  Started with 5 Really Big Miles with @LeslieWalks.  Then a shopping trip to Target, 4 loads of laundry (lots of trips up and down the stairs to our basement), two big dog walks, and a benefit auction in the evening.  Here is what that day looks like via Fitbit:

Pretty cool stuff!!

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