Sunday, November 05, 2006

Entering the World of the Blog

Ok, so I'm about 3 years behind most on getting on the blog bandwagon, but better late then never. Yesterday was a very stressful day and I realized that getting things off my chest and out into cyber space would be a splendid way to deal with my stress. I doubt anyone will EVER read this blog, but I'm hoping it helps me......

We just bought a house about 7 months ago. It's an older house and cost us the max that we wanted to spend. After searching and searching for months we bit the bullet and bought. We LOVE the house. It's the perfect size for us, it's in a great neighborhood, and the yard is being transformed into a garden paradise. So two weeks ago our basement had a huge puddle of water in it. We called Roto-Rooter. Salvador came out and diagnosed it as roots in the pipes. $500 later they said we should be all better and left. Yesterday morning, puddle in the basement. We had a 6 month guarantee so we called Salvador on his cell phone and he came back out. He used the pipe camera and found a break in our pipe. This was letting dirt into the pipe and blocking the drain. He cleared it out the best he could and stated our guarantee was now void. He had to recommend repair. He gave us a quote of $5,000 (low end) for the repair of the pipe.

Now to some people $5,000 wouldn't seem like the end of the world, but to me it did. I had what is commonly referred to as a panic attack. I felt like I couldn't breath and I started to feel like everything was crashing in on me. I know that my reaction was unreasonable but I couldn't help it. We were just getting to a point where the wedding stuff we were responsible for was paid off and I was starting to save for Christmas presents. We were talking about replacing our broken dishwasher and maybe upgrading one of our cars. I know that this isn't the end of the world and we need to be grateful for everything we do have. But it still pisses me off.

Glad that is off my chest.

Today is gathering numbers to get more quotes for the repairs. We have also done some research on the new technology out their that allows for repairing the pipe without digging a trench(??) need to do more research first though......

Oh and tonight, Indigo Girls. Yay!

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