Sunday, November 05, 2006


I forgot to add the other interesting things that happened yesterday.

-Purchased one Pirate TV tray and one Flames TV tray
-Chris decided to make butternut squash for dinner
-I decided to do all the laundry (sheets, towels, etc) that I'd put off due to puddles
-Power went out
-House was completely dark ....found candles
-Drank cocktails, ate cheesy poofs, played Yatzee, watched soup mixings start to go bad
-10pm decided to go to bed, had to put on back up sheets, etc. due to the fact that primarys were in the idle washing machine (no power)
-3am wake up to find all lights in house on, soup finished on the stove, Chris asleep on couch in basement. Coaxed him to bed and turned off all lights.........

What a day.

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