Sunday, November 19, 2006


Luckily I'm feeling better today because the house is a disaster and my parents are scheduled to arrive in 4 days!! I'm currently doing laundry and waiting for carpet cleaning stuff to dry (damn cats and their puking - must teach them to use toilet).

I went shopping at Safeway. It is Sunday, and not just any Sunday, but the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What the hell was I thinking! People were everywhere, fighting over turkeys, pushing others out of the way so they could get oregano, spending hours deciding between Ocean Spray jellied cranberries and the Safeway Select brand. I'm surprised I made it out alive. However, fridge is stocked and ready for the Holiday Weekend!

I was supposed to walk 10 miles today, in preparation for the 1/2 Marathon a week from today. However, it is pouring down rain, I'm still recovering from yesterday, and the grocery store done wore me out. Perhaps later I can get up the energy to at least go for a 5 mile promises at this point.

Oh, washing machine is done. Ta Ta.

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