Saturday, November 25, 2006

The turkey has come and gone....

Happy Saturday
Our Turkey Day went off without a hitch. Mom and Dad made it over the passes. There was a wreck on Snoqualmie, but they bypassed it by stopping to use the restroom (according to dad). Chris made an amazing dinner (as usual) and I fell asleep on the couch at around 7:30pm. Business as usual.
Yesterday Dad, Chris and I braved the crowds. We went to the Volvo place in the U-dist. to get a part of their car. Then we went to the sale at REI! It wasn't nearly as busy as we thought it would be. Dad tried to buy one of everything though, so that took a little while. After that we went to the Westin to pick up our numbers and t-shirts for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow. It was insane! There were people EVERYWHERE and there was no order at all. We got into the line as it wrapped around past the front of the line, and when the doors opened we "accidentally" got in front of the line. There was so much confusion I don't think anyone noticed. And if they did, oh well, they'll probably just trip us on the course tomorrow! After that we came home and put up Christmas lights!! I am so excited to have Christmas lights on my very own house! Dad climbed up on the roof for us to get them on the tippy top peak. It looked really scary, I'm glad it wasn't me up there! He seemed just fine with it though, walking around all over the roof, hanging over the edge, and what not. I keep saying I'm going to Home Depot to get the LED Giant Penguin I saw there yesterday to put in the front lawn. No one will believe me......just wait.
Today Dad, Chris and I are heading over to Bainbridge Island to visit my dad's cousin Nancy (did I mention that mom has a really bad cold? she's been staying here at the house and cleaning.....typical). Apparently we're going to lunch at the Casino because that is where Nancy likes to go. Be assured there will be more on that later.....

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