Saturday, November 11, 2006

Will it ever end?

Well, yesterday should have been a great day, but due to one stupid mistake I'll be dealing with crap for a while.
We went to see Built to Spill last night (awesome show) and when we got back to our car it had been burglarized. Stupid me had stored my backpack in there for the show. My backpack with my work laptop, my iRiver, my glasses, the wedding pictures I just had printed out yesterday, my passport, my favorite sunglasses I've had for years, copies of our marriage certificate (which yes contains both your social security number and your mother's maiden name...great) and my new checks from my bank. Needless to say, I freaked out last night. Called the police and reported it. Called the bank this morning - well it's veteran's day and they are closed. Trying to find serial number for iRiver. Trying to find our IT guy at work cell number because in addition to the laptop, my work card key was in my backpack. I'm sure somewhere in the backpack was also the address for our office. Ugh.......

So, not a lick of sleep last night, just made 3 pies and mocksgiving is in 7.5 hours.....weeeee

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