Friday, November 10, 2006

Finally Friday

Tomorrow is Mocksgiving and I'm so excited I could barely sleep. I got up at 5:30 this morning just to lay out all of my pie ingredients for tomorrow morning. Chris is going to get the fresh turkey today and put it in a brine bath. This will be my first experience with a brine bath. I hope I like it....I've been known to be a bit picky.

In other news, tonight is Built to Spill at the Pyramid Get Snowed in Party. It benefits Mountain Search and Rescue, and with my luck I may need them someday. The new BTS album is awesome and we listened to it all summer. I'm very excited for tonight, not as excited as I am about Mocksgiving mind you, but excited non the less.

We're going to try the new Elysian Fields restaurant for dinner. I hear they have a great Pumpkin beer on tap right now. Hopefully there is still some left for me to try. I've checked out the menu and it seems a bit much for my taste buds, but I'm sure they have a hamburger I can try.

I can hear the wind and rain outside and I'm not looking forward to my walk to the bus. My body would really like me to give in and drive to work, but my mind remembers that a. it costs $10 to park, b. tonight is BTS at Pyramid. Pyramid = yummy Snow Cap beer. beer = no driving, c. i hate driving downtown.

Therefore, bus here I come!

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