Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to the grind.

Well the holidays have come and gone for another year. I'm back at work today, the only one in my department that is here today. Actually, as of 8:30am I'm the only one in the office who sits on the west wall of the building. Pretty crazy.....

Christmas was very low key this year. We drove to Olympia on Christmas morning to spend the holiday with Chris's family at the Grandparent's house. The grandparent's computer had recently died and so we brought a new one with us. They may be in their 90s but they can't live without their email!! We even found a site that had the old versions of AOL so we were able to install the version that they were used to (from 1997). We had a really nice afternoon and wonderful dinner before driving back home. Pretty mellow, but enjoyable.

Yesterday I made the mistake of coming downtown to do some post Christmas shopping. One of the gifts I received was Seasons 1&2 of the OC. However, I already had Season 2 so I thought I'd take it back and exchange it for Season 3. I waited in line at SunCoast for about 30 minutes before I finally got a warm body to talk to. After I explained what I wanted to do she started ridiculing me in front of the crowd for trying to swindle them. I had no idea what she was talking about, but come to find out Seasons 1&2 were part of a 2for1 deal. Season 3 was not part of this deal. And since I didn't know that, and I had the audacity to ask to trade them, I was apparently an idiot trying to swindle them. Needless to say, I left in a huff stating "well I'll bring them both back and never shop here again".

This brings me to my tirade for today. CUSTOMER SERVICE is killing me!!!! In the past year about 7 stores that I like to frequent have made it to my black list due to poor customer service. I'm now adding Suncoast to that list. Why is it that people in Customer Service positions think it is ok to treat you like an imbecile. Is it because they think no matter what you'll still shop with them? Well I can tell you that because of her poor attitude I will never shop in that store again. Because of the lady at Magic Mouse toy store that so rudely told me she was too busy to help me and hung up on me I will never shop there again either. And then there was the girl at Rock Bottom this past year that was our server. My friend ordered another beer to get it into the Happy Hour time frame and the girl said "And who is this beer for". Like we were trying to swindle her too. Well I'm not going back there anytime soon. Whatever happened to the Customer is Always Right? I've worked customer service, in MANY different positions, and no matter what, no matter how wrong they may be, you NEVER argue with a customer. You never yell at them, or scowl, or ridicule them in front of others. *steps down from soapbox*

Now for my dream sequence for today.
I had a dream last night that Chris and I moved into a new house and were were throwing a huge party. All of our friends were there, and oddly, quite a few celebrities. Robert Downy Jr. was there with some little hottie. He kept reminding me of the time he and I climbed some mountain. Heather Locklear and Denise Richards were there. Together! They were drinking all of the vodka. Lots of my co-workers were there. They were all hanging out by the pool gawking at the celebrities that we knew. Kid Rock was out there with them playing guitar.


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