Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fight for your right to purchase!

Last night I went with Chris to help him finish up his Christmas shopping. Apparently half of Seattle had the same idea. Most people put off shopping last weekend to deal with the clean up from the storm and now they are on the move to buy buy buy. The downtown retail corridor was packed to the gills. People were pushing and grabbing and what not. Sad.....

Our friend Matt, as of 6:00pm last night, still didn't have power so we invited him over for dinner. Poor guy, can you imagine almost 96 hours with no power. His poor kitty Gerball will probably be ticked off at him for weeks. He did get a call though while he was here from a neighbor saying that she had just gotten power back. So hopefully when he got home last night the lights were on.

Lets hope that January is a little milder......at least down here. It can dump tons of snow in the mountains so I can go skiing!!!

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