Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Madness

Today was sheer madness. I made the mistake of going to Southcenter to do a little last minute shopping. What a mad house!!! I think all the people are down from the hills to do their shopping. If one more person talking on their cell phone cuts me off in a parking lot I'm going to exhibit some serious RAGE!

Chris's grandparents need a new computer. Mind you they are something like 93 & 91 years old, but they need their AOL NOW! So I went to best buy and got them the best computer I could find for under $500. I can't believe how CHEAP computers are now. This thing I got them is about twice as good as my machine and cost me 1/2 as much only 3 years later. Now I must get to work loading on a 1995 version of AOL so they won't be confused. I'm not even sure Windows XP will support it......wish me luck.

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