Saturday, December 02, 2006

Viva La Diva

Today I did my first 5k ever! I set a goal of finishing in 36 minutes. That was before I got there and found out there were 1300 people and a narrow path and a gigantic hill right in the middle of the course. However, I'm proud to report that I finished in one piece in 35:04! Yay me. Of course I'm pretty darn tired now but, I did it. Again, yay me.

Last night Matty and I went on the Christmas Ship. It was great fun! As usual.... It was really foggy at one point of the trip and you couldn't even see the boats following behind the Christmas Ship. On the drive home I almost came to a stop in West Seattle a few times because I couldn't see where the heck I was going. Fog is so kewl.......

Also on my drive home last night, when I was coming across the West Seattle bridge I saw a car that had just driven into the median on the other side of the bridge. It looked like it had just happened. Scary......

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