Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Car Buying Experience

They say it is one of the worst experiences. I wouldn't say that, but it wasn't as painless as it could have been! Needless to say, we're the proud owners of a brand new VW GTI (pictures to follow later, when the sun is up).

Good points of buying the car:
  • Rose Pederson - great sales lady
  • Automatically pulled around the exact car we wanted
  • Quoted us her lowest price (Costco Buyers Program) right off the bat
  • Lowered that price even a little more with a mere bat of the eyes
  • Free water bottles - lots of them
  • Rose Pederson - totally recommend her, if ever you are to buy a VW
Bad points of buying the car:
  • It started to snow when we were test driving (mind you we were trading in a AWD for a front wheel drive on one of the iciest days in Seattle history)
  • Tried to low ball us on the trade in value (we expected this - we were prepared)
  • Tried to low ball us on the financing (again, we expected this and were prepared)
  • Driving the car home on the icy streets
But really, all in all it was a pretty decent experience and we now have the coolest car ever! I can't wait for the roads to clear and we can take it out and put it through its paces. Chris must have visited the garage about 200 times last night to visit the vehicle. He even read the entire owners manual and tried out all the crazy features.

Of course, last night we put the new car in the garage and moved the Subaru out to the street. This might not have been the best move. I went to bed around 10. About 1 hour later I was woken up to Chris screaming "Courtney, someone is running into the car". Some idiots were trying to go up the steep hill in front of our house, the hill that is covered completely with ice, in a rear wheel drive car. Chris was in our garage admiring the new car when he heard the commotion out front. The idiots were slowly sliding into our car. Luckily Chris got out there in time, about 6 inches before they hit the Subaru, and moved it into the driveway. Then the idiots almost got their car moving and almost ran into our neighbors car. People - STAY OFF THE ROADS!!! Shesh.......the end.

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