Saturday, January 13, 2007

Window to the subconscious

Dream Sequence: Matty, Scotty and I were in Hallmark trying to find Christmas ornaments from the early 90s. The lady kept telling us that we'd be better off trying eBay for these hard to find gems. We gave up and headed back to the old portage bay place via kayak. For some reason the streets of Seattle were filled with water. Lots of water. We decided to just pass the Portage Bay place and head to Lake Chelan. Once there we water skied and bbq'd and had a great time. It seems as if it was my birthday and there was cake and champagne to celebrate. Right then Chris showed up to help celebrate but he was really mad because we had already bbq'd and he wanted to play chef. So we let him cook and we ate a second celebratory dinner. Good times.

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