Monday, January 22, 2007

Cold 4 - Courtney 0

Day 4 of feeling icky. My throat is no longer hurting (yay!!) but now I can't hear. Happily I do believe the worst of it is behind me. I didn't do much yesterday besides lay on the couch, wrapped in the Slanket, flanked by Ares watching reruns of Dawson's Creek. Chris as usual proved to be an amazing husband and took great care of me. Today it is back to work and tonight class. Class 4 of 9 is almost over! I'm almost half way done.

There have been some updates released about the car lot scandal. Apparently the lot had recently been sold and it is possible that not all information was released to the new owners. What a shock that would be to buy a dealership and then 2 weeks later have 11 of your employees announced as running a scam ring.

The whole thing just brings me back to the subject of human decency. It's lacking in today's society. Not everywhere, yes, but wow things just seem to turn for the worse. On this gripe I'd like to add a few points of frustration:
- People that cut in front of you to get on the bus. I've been standing in the cold for 10 minutes, when the bus pulls up you cut in front of me so you can get on first?? Wow....
- Umbrellas - again I note, if you have one, leave the dry spot under the eaves for those of us who don't. And if you are walking around with one, watch out for people!! You could poke an eye out.
- Crazy Drivers - just because you don't care if you die, doesn't mean that I want to go down with you. Quit going 90, weaving in and out of traffic, following too close. It's just lame.

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