Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow Karma

OK so, Chris and I planned all week to go up skiing today, there is new snow in the mountains, and I'm stuck here at home with a bad sore throat. I can barely talk and it feels like someone took sandpaper to the inside of my throat. No skiing for me. This was the day I was going to try out my new boots and jacket. We were going to have so much fun. Well, now I'll hang out on the couch all day watching my Dawson's Creek dvds. I guess it could be worse.

Since we're not going skiing, Matty and Chris are going to fix the missing shingles on our roof. This should provide much entertainment and I'll be sure to get a few pictures of them up there.

I may also have to make a trip to Target. I haven't been there in almost a month and I feel that I'm going through withdrawals. My mom called the other day and told me that they have their Global Bazaar collection in again. I like that collection, and I need a bedside table. My alarm clock, box of Kleenex and my gargoyle that protects me at night are currently poised on a tv tray from Ikea. Am I still in college?? No, I deserve a bedside table. I'd love to get Chris and I matching ones, but then Percy wouldn't be able to get up on the bed. He uses Chris's multi tiered table as a means to get to the prime napping spot. Percy has gotten so large that he can no longer jump from the floor directly to the bed. Poor fat boy.....

Oh, and a shout out to my friend C who gave me a Slanket for Christmas. It has become the favorite couch accessory for our entire family. I'd suggest the Slanket to anyone. You can sit on the couch, completely covered in blanket, nice and warm, but there are arm holes so you can type (which I'm doing now) or use the remotes without sacrificing warmth. Again, get a Slanket, you won't regret it!

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