Friday, January 19, 2007

I might not be able to talk too well, but I can still type!

Yep, I'm home sick today. I woke up at 4am with like the worst sore throat ever. I went into work from about 7am - 10am but then came home so I wouldn't pass this along to anyone else. Not feeling well sucks, but working from home and getting tons of stuff accomplished feels great. I've caught up on all of the items that keep popping up as outlook reminders over and over again for months. My inbox is cleaned out and my files are in order. It's like data spring cleaning!

Have you heard the recent news from West Seattle about all the employees at Huling Brothers being arrested. Wow, crazy. Apparently they sold a truck to a mentally ill person (who paid in cash) that showed up at their lot covered in urine and feces. Then they proceeded to go to his house when he wasn't there and steal the rest of his money. This is just baffling to me. What drives a person to treat another human being like that. To take advantage of somebody so obviously in need of help. What frustrates me even more is that we were thinking of buying a car from them this summer. We are thinking of getting a Jeep Liberty and we were excited since this dealership right here in West Seattle carried Jeep. Now I'm not so sure I want to deal with these people. I'm sure those that were part of this story will no longer be working there, but's sort of like the e.coli epidemic at Jack in the Box years ago, I've never eaten at one since. Not that I eat at fast food joints (well, except Taco Time), but still. Jack in the Box and e.coli are synonymous to me. So, forever in my mind, Huling Brothers in West Seattle will be synonymous with scandal.

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