Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Q2 Begins

Tonight is my first class of 2007. Chris is going out with friends, there was an offer of a ride home, and I have to go to class. Blech. I should have a positive attitude. Every class gets me that much closer to graduation. Every class is 2.5 hours in a room at night when I'd rather be out doing something else. Luckily I haven't done any of the reading yet that I was supposed to do. Maybe I can do that during class.....

I've decided on new ski boots. I'm going to get the Technica Attiva Flame. I'm going to REI tomorrow to purchase them and get them fitted to my skis. They won't be ready for this weekend so maybe Chris and I will go fishing instead.

I hate Bellevue. I hate driving in Bellevue. My car is too small. All the giant SUVs block my view.

The end.

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