Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day!!

Ok, so I was right yesterday by saying that the snow would probably hit by the time I left class last night. It actually hit at about 4pm, and for those of us who live in West Seattle, it hit hard!

I scratched my eye at work yesterday and had to take out my contacts. Sadly I didn't have my glasses with me so Chris came to get me and run me home in time to get my glasses before class. By the time we hit the West Seattle Bridge it was just dumping snow. By the time we got home and I could finally see again the snow was piling up. I decided that it wasn't worth it to try and get back downtown for class. Here are some pictures of my jaunt to the bus stop this morning. I had to wait about 1 hour for a bus to finally show up:

The view from the front door.

Our front yard.

Our front path.

One last glance back at the house.

Chris's car. Again, this baby is for sale!

First casualty of the storm.

Phew - made it to the bus stop. This is where my camera battery died!

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