Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ok, I wasn't going to gripe about this subject, but this just blows me away. So we've had a lot of snow lately. A LOT. And the roads in West Seattle have been horrible. Our neighborhood has been virtually impassable lately due to the ice. Our garbage truck hasn't even been by yet to pick up the stuff we've had out there since Sunday night (Monday is our usual pick up). Not once has a snow plow been through our part of West Seattle. No sand on the streets, nothing.

So last night things finally started to melt. Most of the roads driving home were pretty decent. Still a little bit of slush in our neighborhood, but not nearly as bad as before. Around 2am i was awoken to the sound of a large truck in front of our house. I just assumed it was our garbage or recycle service finally showing up. Imagine my surprise when I left our house this morning to find that it had been a snow plow that had put down sand on our nearly clear street. Sand, on the pavement!! To top it off, when I got to the bus stop this morning, 2 plows went past me on 35th Ave. Plowing the clear streets and putting down sand on the pavement.

I've tried not to be upset about the lack of response to our neighborhood during the huge windstorm and now the snow storms, but this was almost an insult to me. *Sigh*

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