Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yeah, well, Happy Valentine's Day and all that. I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday about the whole Valentine's fiasco. Didn't I just get done paying off all my Christmas presents, and now I'm expected to hand out Valentine's day gifts? I was rebelling.

I left work yesterday with the intention of going shopping for maybe some chocolates and a card for my hubby. Well, I went to Neuhaus Chocolates only to find that all they had left were $42 boxes of chocolates. And those boxes only held 16 pieces! Maybe I'm not up on on fancy chocolates but that seemed a bit excessive to me. So I left there in a huff and went to Papyrus only to find that they there were almost completely out of cards! I found one that I sort of liked, only to find out that they wanted $6.95 for it! A piece of paper with some writing and a matching envelope?!?! Again - I stormed out. Needless to say I went home empty handed and angry.

I even woke up angry about the whole holiday. I stomped my way to the bus, cussing everytime Renee Montagne said "Happy Valentine's Day" everyone.

And then it happened. Riding on the bus over the West Seattle Bridge, downtown came into view. And there, on the west side of the new Washington Mutual building was a giant heart made from offices with their blinds up and their lights on. A small smile actually appeared on my face and happy thoughts of candy and hypoallergenic flowers entered my brain.

Now, mind you I'm still not going to run out and buy a $42 box of chocolates, but at least my inner rage has subsided and I'll perhaps spring for the $6.95 card.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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