Tuesday, March 06, 2007

20 to go

I have 20 classes left until I'm PM Certified by the University of Washington. My tuition is paid off. As of next Monday I'll have successfully completed 2 quarters with 1 quarter to go. It feels so great to be in the final stretch of this achievement.

I've noticed that I complain a lot about going to class. But honestly, it isn't the going to class that bothers me. I've really enjoyed learning the fundamentals of Project Management and participating in class discussions where real world examples are used and learned from. What I think bothers me is the time commitment. What I'm missing while I'm in class.

Most of the time I'm not missing much. Maybe a dinner out with Chris or happy hour with Matty. But there are times when I've missed things that I really wanted to be a part of. They are as follows:
  1. Argosy Halloween Party (although I did leave class a little early *cough cough* to attend).
  2. Wednesday happy hours at Morton's. Boy I miss those little Fillet Mignon sandwiches.
  3. Mariners Opening Day - Chris will be taking Steve as his date instead of me.
  4. Fly Fishing Film Tour - Chris will be taking Matty as his date instead of me.
  5. Valentine's Day - not that we would have done much, but I would have rather been with Chris than in class.
  6. Argosy annual ski day - but I did get to hear TONS of stories about how great it was.
I could go on, but that would only bring my spirits down a bit. Boy I can't wait until May 16th! Last day of class!!

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i8flan said...

Congratulations Kiki! May 16th eh, we should celebrate together!


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