Friday, March 23, 2007


So, in order to get my new appliances I had to make a deal with the devil and agree to the purchase of fishing kayaks. This weekend Chris and I will be making a trip to Hobie Cats Northwest to put a down payment down on 2 fishing kayaks. Chris is so unbelievably excited he can barely contain himself. I'm looking forward to the kayaks, but also see them as a lot of work (mainly lifting them to and off of the new rack we're getting for the Subaru).

Chris has done a ton of research and has decided on the Hobie Outback SUV. I will be getting the same. They're actually really cool and come with something called the Mirage Peddle Drive which allows you to propel your boat through the water using your legs and something similar to bike peddles. Thus leaving your hands free for fishing.

Stay tuned for many stories of our paddling/peddling/fishing adventures!

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