Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Left Hinge vs Right Hinge

Ok, so they sent us the wrong refrigerator. We were very specific in telling the lady that we needed a fridge with the handle on the right side, hinge on the left, our kitchen is set up that way. So they delivered us one with the handle on the left and hinge on the right, even though the order form says LH (left hinge).

So, I called the Sears delivery number they gave us. It says "if you have a problem with your delivery or any of the items call the Sears delivery number here". So I did.

Nope, they can't help me, they'll transfer me to the store - I get disconnected.

I call back, they still can't help me, they'll transfer me to the store - store recording says that they don't open for 1 hour and I get disconnected. Of course, I don't have that number and their website sucks.

I call delivery again to get the number. Talk to the 3rd person. They don't give me the number, they transfer me and I get disconnected.

I dig around on yellowpages.com and find the store number. At the time they said they'd be open I called and got an automated system. I pressed the number for returns. They said I needed to speak to someone in appliances and they transfer me.

The person in appliances says that I need to talk to someone in returns and transfers me back before I can say anything.

I tell the guy in returns what happened and he transfers me back to appliances and before the guy in appliances speaks I tell him that if he "transfers me again I'm going to become his worst nightmare". He listens to my story and tells me I need to call delivery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!??!?!??! Realizing my frustration he took it upon himself to call delivery and sort this out for me.

An hour later I got a call from delivery and they will be at our house in 2 weeks to switch the fridge to the correct one. I freaked out. 2 weeks with no fridge??!??!!? Actually she told me we should use the one with the wrong HINGE until the new one arrives. *phew*

Oh, and to those of you reading this thinking - can't you just reverse refrigerator doors yourself - no you can't if it is stainless steel. Lame.

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JG said...

Can't you just turn it upside down?

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