Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I went back to Globe Optical today for the, probably, 15th time in as many weeks. I'm still struggling with finding contacts that work for me and finally they ordered me some trial lenses of my old contacts. I'm not exaggerating at all about the 15 times. Trust me.

I walked in and one of the oh so nice ladies says to me "Yes, can I help you".

I responded "Yes, I'm here to pick up my trial contacts" (I was just in there about 3 days ago)

She just stares at me, I'm thinking - You're kidding me right.

"Courtney....." I say.

She continues to stare.


"To......." she says.

"I'm here to pick up my trial contacts!!!!!!"

*sigh* How is that for customer service.

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Jeff said...

Seattle Eye MD's...then you never have to worry about contacts again.

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