Friday, March 09, 2007

New Appliances!

Finally, we are going to get our new appliances on Monday. This weekend will be filled with moving the old ones out and painting the kitchen in preparation. Oh, and there is also the part where we have to pull up the floor. Fun fun.........

I used the Sears online rebate website today to check on the status of our rebate (20% because we bought 3 appliances!!!). They received it, they had the right amount on it, but there was an "error" listed that said we hadn't met the requirement. Um...ok? So I called. Of course I called. And here is what she said. In order to post rebates on the website they have to choose an error code or it won't post. (????) So they usually just choose the one that says "Didn't meet the requirement". (????) She told me our rebate was fine and the check would be sent shortly. I asked her if she got a lot of calls like mine. She said "Yep all the time".


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