Monday, March 19, 2007

Ode to Manny's

Ok, I know I talk about Manny's Pale Ale a lot, and about how much I love finding it on tap places. I also gush on and on about all of the beers from Georgetown Brewing Company located right here in Seattle. But, let me tell you, there is nothing like an ice cold Manny's direct from a freshly tapped keg, a keg that is nestled in ice in your very own basement.

As Homer would say "Mmmm....Beer.....".

Chris and I threw a St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday night, and in honor of purchased our very own keg of Manny's Pale Ale (complete with leaky bottle of green food coloring if you were dying for a green beer). At the peak I'd say we had about 25 people crammed in our tiny house. No one seemed to mind though, they were too busy enjoy the Manny's, mixing up Duck Farts and Irish Car Bombs, and enjoying my first foray into the cooking of Corned Beef (I made two separate batches, one I followed the directions and the other I made up my own recipe - I do that sometimes....ok a lot - and both turned out wonderful).

I was up way past my bedtime (2am!) and Chris and his buddies were dead set on finishing off the keg. Luckily (for both us, and for their hangovers) they did not accomplish this feat and we still have a bit of Manny's left to enjoy for the next couple of days before the keg has to be returned.

Someday I want to meet Manny and thank him personally for the joy he has brought to my life.

Yay Beer!


JG said...

I hear the have Manny's on tap in Heaven, right next to the Guinness.

JG again said...

Yikes! Typo.

I hear theY have Manny's on tap in Heaven, right next to the Guinness.

Jeff said...

I think that Manny lives somewhere near Lenny's (with a dude we used to work with)...and he is sitting on the couch watching his 9th hour of TV right now.

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