Sunday, April 01, 2007


That's how many steps I logged last week, Monday morning until just now. I figure that is about 55 miles of walking in 7 days. Guess I'm going to have to bump that up a bit to do 60 miles in 3 days. Wow. I keep thinking, 60 miles isn't so bad, I can do it. But then I go out and walk 8 miles and my feet are tired and I better really get training. I don't want to end up in the medical tent after the second day. I'm going to shoot for 120,000 steps this week. I'll keep ya posted.

In other news we went to Scott and Josie's last night for Josie's 30th B'day party. They held a Syrah/Shiraz taste off. We each brought a bottle of either Syrah or Shiraz, put them in a plain paper bag and labeled them with a number. Then as a group we tasted them 1 by 1 and rated them on Aroma, Taste, Finish, and Overall Impression. We also guessed if it was a Syrah or a Shiraz. Then we unveiled the wines and the person that brought the bottle had to tell how much they paid for it. Scotty then input everything into a spreadsheet, including the price, and came up with some complex formula that spit out the winning wine. And guess what! The wine that Chris and I brought with us won the overall prize! It was a 2003 Glen Fiona Syrah. Here are the notes on it (we paid $12.99 at the QFC in University Village).

2003 Glen Fiona Bacchus/Sagemoor Vineyards Columbia Valley Syrah

Black plum in both color and brambly flavor with sweet black tar in the mouth. Rich and minerally with red fruits on top and the most interesting ginger root aromatics. Wood spice builds nicely in the palate and trails on the finish. For the price, this is pretty unbelievable stuff! $14.95 ($13.46 with case discount)

It was excellent and I'd recommend it. If you haven't ever tried a Glen Fiona Syrah, get thee to the store and purchase!

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