Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 6th Ella!!

Yesterday was my niece Ella Ione Jones's 6th birthday. This is a shout out to her!! 6 years old already.

Do you remember being 6? I'm pretty sure that is the first year I really remember vividly. Everything before that is a mix of memory flashes. The year I turned 6 I entered 1st grade at Lewis & Clark Elementary school in Wenatchee and my teacher was Mrs. Truscott. We had an influx of students from Cambodia and Vietnam and I was paired up with Lum Nam Chet to help him assimilate and learn English. The year I was 6 was also the year of my first trip to Hawaii. Good Times.

Happy Birthday Ella, and enjoy being 6!!

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Anonymous said...

She's as pretty as her father . . .

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