Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fridge Update - FINAL!!

Yes that's right. Amazing as it may seem, we finally received the correct fridge last Saturday. It is wonderful and beautiful and if you're standing at the stove you can open the door away from the stove and reach right in. You don't have to shuffle over to the other side then shuffle back. Genius! But wait, there is more, check out this back and forth between myself and the nice guy that delivered this appliance of wonder:

Guy: Hi I'm here from Sears to deliver your fridge.
Me: Yep, and take away the old one.
Guy: Oh, the old one in the garage?
Me: No, the one that is EXACTLY like the one in your truck, but that opens the other way.
Guy: Oh, ummm, you know we can just switch that door for you.
Me: No, it is stainless steel, you can't do that.
Guy: Can I look?
Me: *sigh* Yes.
He looks over the fridge and I show him how the holes are only drilled on one side.
Guy: Oh, I see. Well, hmmm....I'm pretty sure I have the exact same fridge in the truck.
Me: I'm not surprised (and I proceed to give him the ENTIRE STORY AGAIN).
Guy: Oh dear, ok, let me go look.
Minutes go by......
Guy and Other Guy come back into the house and look over the fridge in our kitchen.
Other Guy: Oh no, this is the same one. But we can just switch these doors for you.
Me, Chris, Guy: NO YOU CAN'T
Guy: Ok, wait, lets go unwrap the fridge in the truck and verify which way it opens. The number on the box is the same as this fridge, but lets make sure.
Me: Ok, great idea, but with my luck it is probably the same one (and I proceed to give him the ENTIRE STORY AGAIN).
More time goes by and the guy comes running back in.
Guy: The numbers are wrong, this is the fridge you want!!!!!!
Me: I'll believe it when I see it.

But it was, it was the right fridge, and it now lives in perfect harmony in our kitchen. And life is good.

Guy: (looking at Chris and I) Don't I know you guys??
Us: Umm....no.....
Guy: Hmm...would you like to buy some windows?

The end.

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