Sunday, May 06, 2007


Our auction was a success! We probably had about 100 people attend and every item sold. We hit our target amount for the event and as far as I could tell everyone enjoyed themselves.

A shout out to my friends and family who attended and walked away with some great items (fancy pants earrings for Angie, beautiful framed photo for Brandon, camera rental for Christy, and a chocolate tour for Matty!).

Apparently my friends are quite lucky because everyone that I invited also won a raffle prize! Matty walked away with 10 coupons for 1 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and my friend Katie won a comedy gift pack! Angie won the big raffle which was her choice of any item. She chose the earrings. Chris and I may have bid on a few things as well (and won) but I can't outline them here until after certain holidays coming up pass (Mother's Day - Jeff's B'day).

Anywho - today I'm exhausted. After the auction Chris and I went over to our friend Kara's for a Cinco de Mayo party. We sat around in her back yard next to the fire pit and then whacked the crap out of a pinata. Chris was the one who finally broke the thing opened and was sprayed with tequila! Good times........

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