Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Auction is Today!

Chris and I just finished loading the car and are getting ready to head to the auction. I went to Target this morning to find a couple of serving platters and found some awesome pink ones. At the check out the guy said "this is what everyone needs, a pink platter". So I explained to him about the auction and what we were raising money for and he was thrilled! "Perfect" he exclaimed.

Then on my way home I saw a garage sale sign with pink 3day balloons tied to it. I stopped in and met 4 other walkers who live in my neighborhood. They are on the Red Footed Boobies team. They had a huge garage sale going and all the money was going to be divided between them for their fundraising. How cool! Maybe I'll do something similar later in the summer. Chris and I have so much junk left over from our pre-wedding days........

Time to head out! Yay Hotties!

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