Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vacation May 2007 - Photos

Finally - photos from the week of vacation. These are only photos from one of the cameras. I'll have to download the other camera this weekend. I just need to mention again just how fun the Kayaks are. If you're at all thinking about one, the Hobie Outback SUV is the way to go. And no, I'm not being compensated by Hobie for saying that (not that I'd be against it!!).

Chris setting off our first afternoon on the island. He caught a fish right away (nice cutthroat just down shore from this picture). Nothing else was caught that afternoon.

The next morning we headed out around the island towards Andy's Marine Park. Chris is shown here concentrating on catching flounders. That boat in the distance was a group of geoduck divers. There were actually two boats out there that morning. They were pretty raucous, I think they were excited about the upcoming three day weekend.

Chris with his first catch of the morning. A little baby flounder. I tried and tried but wasn't able to catch any.

Chris's second catch a nice big silver. We contemplated saving it for dinner that night but opted to set it free. Neither of us are really that big into cleaning fish. Especially me.

Kayaks at rest during a brief potty stop.

Matty showed up on Friday afternoon with the 1/4 barrel of Manny's so to repay him we let him take a Kayak out. He didn't seem to be into the fishing but looked to enjoy just cruising about drinking his beer.

While Matty and I kayaked Chris fished the mouth of Amsterdam Bay - just down shore from the cabin. Not much luck here either.

On Saturday Cam and Cheri showed up on the island. We golfed Saturday and Sunday and also visited Farm Day. Here is Cheri on the golf course just chillin'.

Cam taking a practice swing. Nice form kiddo!

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