Friday, June 01, 2007

1,000,000 Steps!

Yesterday evening, somewhere on the waterfront I hit 1,000,000 steps. That is the number of steps I have tracked on my pedometer since my 3day training began on March 26th, 2007. 91/2 weeks of training. 250 intentional miles walked. And, 1,000,000 steps! That is an average of about 15,000 steps a day! That also includes 3 days where I either just didn't wear my pedometer or I forgot to write down the steps before they were erased. With 14 1/2 weeks to go until the big walk I should be able to get somewhere near 2,750,000 steps! I'll keep ya posted - don't worry.


Christy said...


Roberta said...

Drunken steps should count double! They take more thought and effort.

Congrats Court Court. :-)

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