Saturday, July 14, 2007

4 AM

Chris left the house this morning at 4 AM to go fishing. I'm known as the early riser in our family but when he asked me to go fishing with him, to try and catch a King Salmon, and leave the house at 4 AM I politely told him NO WAY. I enjoy fishing, but I'm not all crazy about it :)

Good luck House!


Chris said...

Courtney missed out on
1) awesome sunrise
2) dogfish
3) jellyfish on my fingers (no, I did not pee on my fingers; at least not intentionally)

but did not miss out on
1) catching any salmon
2) sleeping in
3) jellyfish fingers

Daddy said...

Next Time Courtney doesn't want to go, you can call me. I'll hold the net, but I can't say I'll pee on your fingers.

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