Monday, July 23, 2007

Man Hunt Rant

On Saturday I saw my life flash before my eyes not once, but twice. Chris and I were making our way to the Home Depot down on Delridge to get supplies for the new flower bed. We were almost there when a police car came out of no where and almost forced us into traffic. Then we noticed that they were everywhere, swarming about, apparently looking for something. We pulled into the Home Depot parking lot and to what we thought was safety. Nope! As we got out of our car another police car came barreling past us doing probably 45-50MPH through the parking lot. We both jumped back towards our car and watch the police car zoom in front of the store and then barrel down another parking aisle back towards the street. I just think that we're lucky we were on the lookout after the first one almost pushed us off the road or we might not have seen the second and walked absentmindedly into its path. We both watched in horror just hoping it wouldn't it anyone (luckily it didn't). I understand the need to catch the fugitive, but putting other lives in danger???? Oh, and I can't find anything anywhere about what was going on.

The end.

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