Friday, July 27, 2007

Yay, Weekend!

Friday, finally. I really need a couple of days away from the office. This weekend I'll be walking back to back long walks! 18 miles on Saturday and 15 on Sunday. Not much time for anything else really. Maybe some laundry and a couple of episodes of X-files with Chris.

Speaking of Chris, he is having a truckload of dirt delivered today to fill in the new flowerbeds in the back yard. I don't think I'll be rushing home too fast to help out.......I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to dirt.

In other news the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is currently in progress. I've been over there 3 times so far and I've managed to buy nothing. Although I am coveting a new pair of Keen sandals. Mine are trashed and stinky to boot. I wish it was my birthday and someone would buy them for me, but my birthday is still a whole month away.

Last night I talked to both of my nieces on the phone. It was quite a treat. I need to get down to Portland to see their new house. Maybe next weekend, if I can still walk.

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