Sunday, August 12, 2007

36.5 Hottie Miles

Another back to back weekend of walking under my belt. We did 18.5 miles yesterday and 18 today.

Yesterday we started at Greenlake, headed into Ballard and through the locks, up to Discovery Park, through the park and along Magnolia BLVD. We ended up at a park that I don't remember the name of but the views of downtown and Alki were amazing. There we turned around and followed the same path back to Greenlake.

Today we started at Greenlake again and headed down through Wallingford to Gas Works. From there we took the Burke Gilman to the University Bridge and across into Portage Bay. We went along Fuhrman which turned into Boyer which ended us at the Japanese Gardens. From there we went up over Madison and down the hill into Leschi. We rested at the Leschi Starbucks and turned around to follow the same path back to Greenlake.

I'm tired but not nearly as sore as I'd be if I hadn't trained all these months. I have to say, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself "it's only walking" go out and walk 36 miles in a weekend and let me know how you feel.........

4 weeks until the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

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