Monday, August 06, 2007

Biggest Ever!

I've been fishing off our dock at Lake Chelan since I was about 7 years old. I've always loved to fish and could sit out there for hours and hours fishing for chubs (squaw fish - pike minnows). I've caught my fair share. The biggest probably being about 12 - 14 inches long.

Saturday morning my dad and I were bored so we pulled our old fishing gear out of the basement and went down to the dock to fish a bit. We'd been there about 15 minutes and dad had already caught 3 small chubs using a meps lure. I'd caught nothing using my power bait on the end of a hook. We switched poles. 2 casts into it I got a strike. Not just a strike really, a gigantic tug. I yelled for my dad and started to reel it in. My pole was bent almost in half and I was sure that my line was going to snap. Dad reached over and tightened my drag - twice. I kept fighting it and eventually we saw it start to come to the surface. We both let out a gasp. We had NEVER seen a chub/squaw fish/pike minnow that big - it was probably 20 - 22 inches long, huge for a chub. I couldn't even lift it out of the water, I was scared the line would snap, so dad reached down and pulled it out by the gill and then stood there in awe. All of a sudden we heard people around us start cheering from their decks. Apparently people had heard us fighting it on the dock and started to watch us bring it in.

Now that is a fish story!

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